What can we do for you?
We help patent/design attorneys prepare patent and design drawings from sketches, informal drawings, photographs, video or any type of electronic file. We deliver drawings in ready-to-be-filed PDF format and other formats such as JPEG. We provide prompt, predictable, on-time service with quick turn-around time (1-3 days). Our service is high quality with affordable price.

All you need to do is send us your informal drawings, sketches or photographs of your invention, product, concept, or idea. We will, before doing anything, estimate the service rate for the project. Upon rate acceptance, by you, we immediately begin working on your drawings and will send you a first draft version of the drawings for your approval. You approve the drawing, and then we send you the final drawings.

If you need changes to the drawings: Print and mark the changes you desire, scan and send them to us via email.

Up on your request, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you before we start preparing your drawings. We have a standard NDA which can be filled out online. We are also willing to sign your version of an NDA if you prefer.


Interested? See our published patent drawings or design drawings.

You are specialized in drafting and prosecution of applications, why spending time on a boring drawing task. Let us do the job!


Together, we can be a great working partner.

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