Our background, knowledge, and experiences, make us a great working partner for patent/design attorneys.

GonnaDraw is a group of illustrators who are dedicated to helping patent attorneys and inventors create patents and designs drawings. We are familiar with all the related rules, regulations, and requirements for drawings and our drawings are suitable for filing in Europe, USA, and other patent offices all over the world.

Our wherewithal and capabilities are to produce quality drawings in all arts such as, but not limited to: mechanical, electrical, biological, and electronics. We are completely knowledgeable towards producing any form of illustration, whether it is flowcharts, block diagrams, apparatus, systems or complex mechanical assemblies – We have the skill, know how and ability to help you create the detailed professional drawings that will provide the best possible protection for your intellectual property rights. Our service ranges from a single drawing to hundreds of drawings.
Several of our team members have engineering backgrounds, so we have a broad understanding of complex inventions and we are capable of creating an illustration of any invention even based on a rough sketch or just a description. 
We focus on, and commit to, providing a first class high quality customer experience by giving prompt, predictable and ON TIME service with quick turnaround times Between One and Three Days. We have an understanding in working with all manner of clients, whether you are a large, small, or start-up company, we are capable of furnishing overnight service per your required needs. We have also helped many private inventors achieve their goals and dreams.

We will complete your drawings via Computer Aided Design (CAD) software using state-of-the-art equipment, and then return your order via e-mail. We offer high quality results at affordable prices – if you need help, with any kind of patent, designs or trademark drawings, do not hesitate to contact us now at contact@gonnadraw.com.

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